My Reflection

Hey Bloggers,

Last night, (the 25th of November) we had our Year 6 Dinner. Here is a review of my party planning and the comparison between my dinner and the real one.

What difficulties or problems did our encounter?

I encountered the problem of the budget. Unfortunately this limited what I could buy for the decorations, food, drinks and entertainment. Also the difficulty of having to scale tables on my floor plan. The measurements had to be exact to have an accurate floor plan. Also the Gantt Chart which some people did to show the timetable at the dinner. It was a little confusing but I finished it!

Which aspect of planning did you enjoy the most?

Personally, I enjoyed the food and the entertainment planning the best. We could find out who had the best deal on websites and I had a great time doing this.

Did you manage your own time well at school and at home to get all the components complete?

I got everything done in the right time frame. I got all my food sorted out first so I didn’t have to worry about it later. This then meant that I could get the Menu done as I had finished the food and then my theme could be decided. This could then determine my decorations.

How does my ‘Dream Dinner’ compare to the actual Dinner?

Firstly, at the real Dinner as many girls don’t finish their meals a lot we were only given ‘finger foods’ as our dinner.Some girls thought as we hadn’t been told this was the only food we were getting, it was the entree and didn’t eat much. This meant they were hungry after all our crazy dancing! This is different compared to my party, where I decided all the people coming would have a main meal. The DJ at the dinner was similar. I decided I would also have a DJ and everyone would have awesome fun dancing about. But at the real dinner, they also had a photobooth whereas at my party I decided I would not have one. Also the real dinner had a theme where at my party I only decided on a ‘colour scheme’.


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My Decorations and Entertainment

Hey Bloggers,

As you know we are planning our dream Year 6 Dinner.  But with a good party you need decorations and entertainment, right! So I have some and they include-


Colourful Bunting to hang around the room

My Parties' Bunting

Floral Arrangement that each table will have-

Floral Arrangments

A Balloon Arch for a Grand Entrance!

And finally Yellow and white chevron table cloths!

Table Cloths

Here are the things available at my party for Entertainment-

A DJ (includes lights, lazers and smoke machines)

A Slushy Machine for the Kids (each person will be allowed at least one)

A Chocolate Fountain for the Adults (Includes marshmellows and I bought the fruit)

A Fairy Floss Machine (For all the guests)

A Candy Bar (For all the people who just want a little treat!)

What do you guys think of my decorations and entertainment? There will certainly be a lot going on on the day if it were real! Till next time,

Lucy out



The 14th Goldfish Summary Questions

The 14th Goldfish

  1. What is the main theme of The 14th Goldfish?

I think the main theme of the 14th Goldfish is that nothing is impossible, so believe in possible. Basically saying YOLO (You only live once) so live your life to the fullest, take every chance and opportunity to change the world. But you have to think carefully about this as ‘once the genie is out of the bottle’ there is no going back (14th Goldfish reference). There are many other themes including ‘Be curious’, inquire about everything about you and ‘Follow your dreams’, persevere to all your goals and never give up. Most of the themes in the 14th Goldfish are very inspirational.

  1. What is the message of the story?

I think the message of the story is that many things do not last forever. It’s the Circle of Life (cue music). Humans are not meant to last forever so you should enjoy growing old and having a different view of like. There is only going to be one 17/11/2014 so you should make the most of every moment. Once you realise there will only be one life you treasure that life and make it memorable. Your life will then go on forever, in people’s minds and hearts.

  1. Which character did you relate to the most and why?

I think I related most to Ellie. I get what she is going through with middle school being a massive change from prep school. I am about to go through it myself. Also the friendship changes. You know when at the start of the year you get put into your classes and you are devastated that all your friends are in the other class. That’s happened to me at my old school. Then later in the year you find really nice new friends and the old ones start being a bit rude. I connect with Ellie in this way as I had a similar experience.

So there’s just another post,

Happy Blogging!


Invitation Retake

Hey Bloggers,

This week since I have finished all my Microsoft Excel work for all costs with my decorations, food, entertainment and drinks, I have moved onto my timetable on how the event runs on the day and I am doing this in a Gantt chart. But this week for my blogpost I have to talk about my invitation which I posted a few weeks ago. So here it is again-


It says on the invitation if you can’t see it-

Year 6 Graduation Dinner

Please join us on Tuesday 25th November at 6.0o in the afternoon till 9.15 so we can party and celebrate the year at Sydney, NSW, Australia

Please buy tickets no later then October 31st at or our email

$30 per ticket per person (includes entertainment and food)

Dress Code- Formal (but wear your dancing shoes)

I have decided that I am going to stick with my yellow and navy chevron colour scheme for my decorations and invites.

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Exceling in Excel

Hey Guys,

This week I finished my Spreadsheet in Excel for my dream Year 6 Dinner, where my theme is (as you might know) is yellow and navy chevron. My Spreadsheet contains all the costs and items for my party. I finished and out of my budget of $4860, I remained with $6.23! My food overall cost $1718.63. Drinks cost $483.09 and entertainment cost $1557 ( it includes a lolly table, chocolate fountain complete with lollies, slushie machine and fairy floss machine! Don’t forget the DJ!) so it was pretty expensive. The decorations overall cost $1095. This includes flowers that tied in with the theme for each table, table cloths, bunting with the same theme  and  a balloon arch for the dramatic entrance that everyone needs! Here is a picture of the flowers for the tables-

Floral Arrangments

My excel sheet also includes a pie graph which shows the majority of money I spent, on which things and the money I had left over (not much)-

Party Pie graph

Also here is a picture of my bunting-

My Parties' Bunting

So, my journey to making my dream dinner is nearly at the end. We have already made models in the 3D program Sketchup of our table and sitting arrangements.

I will post again soon so keep reading!





Eating Time!

Hey Bloggers,

This week we had to do a sample menu for our Year 6 Dinner dream party. Here is a picture of mine

As you can see, it goes with my colour scheme (yellow and navy) and add a bit of pazaz (I’m not even sure that’s a word!).

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Year 6 Dinner Menu